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National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or (TTY) 1-800-787-3224

Where to Find Help

Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center
Phone: (866) 879-6636
Web: http://www.866uswomen.org
Email: crisis@866uswomen.org
Serves Americans experiencing domestic violence in foreign countries, including: long term case management, danger to safety relocation, legal consultations for parents seeking divorce and custody, payment of initial legal retainers, housing assistance, funds to help with emergency needs, and information and referral. International toll-free crisis line available 24 hours a day (excluding holidays) by first dialing your country’s AT&T USADirect Access Number (available at http://www.business.att.com/bt/access.jsp ), and at the prompt, entering 866-USWOMEN (866-879-6636). Advocates are also available by email or by live chat feature on website.

Center for Women Veterans: Department of Veterans Affairs
Phone: 202-273-6193
Web: http://www.va.gov/womenvet/
Provides programs and services for women veterans

Department of Defense ("DoD") Safe Helpline
Hotline: 877-995-5247
Offers crisis support service for members of the DoD (military) community affected by sexual assault. It provides live, one-on-one advice, support, and information to the worldwide DoD community. The service is anonymous, secure, and available 24/7 – providing victims with the help they need, anytime, anywhere.

Department of Defense's Family Advocacy Program
Web: http://www.defenselink.mil/fapmip/
Locations across the United States providing services to military families dealing with family violence. You can find a program near you on the FAP's website by selecting Family Advocacy Program.

Web: http://www.militaryhomefront.dod.mil/tf/domesticabuse
The Department of Defense's webpage for victims of domestic violence who are serving or are in a relationship with someone serving in the military. The page provides basic information about the Family Advocacy Program, child abuse, domestic abuse, and resources for military families experiencing domestic abuse.

Military OneSource
Phone: (800)-342-9647
Web: http://www.militaryonesource.com/
Provides help finding a victim advocate in your area.

National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence
Phone: 512.407.9020
Web: http://www.ncdsv.org
Email: Debby Tucker, Executive Director, dtucker@ncdsv.org
The National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence designs, provides, and customizes training and consultation; influences policy; promotes collaboration; and enhances diversity with the goal of ending domestic and sexual violence. This organization sponsors national and regional conferences and co-chairs the U.S. Department of Defense Task Force on Domestic Violence (DTFDV). Provides military specific information for victims of domestic violence. They do not provide crisis services to victims.

National Domestic Violence Hotline
PO Box 161810
Austin TX, 78716
Hotline: Hotline: 800 799-7233
Web: http://www.ndvh.org
Email: ndvh@ndvh.org
Open year-round, trained staff provide counseling and referral services to all, free of charge. The staff speaks English and Spanish, and translators are available for 129 other languages. They offer crisis intervention, referrals to domestic violence and other emergency shelters and programs, information and support, and can link callers to a nationwide database on domestic violence. They advise on shelters, advocacy and assistance, and social services programs.

National Military Family Association
2500 North Van Dorn St.. Suite 102
Alexandria VA, 22302-1601
Phone: (703) 823-6632
Web: http://www.militaryfamily.org/
The National Military Family Association (NMFA) was created by wives and widows of military personnel who were seeking financial security. NMFA programs educate military families, the public, and Congress on the rights and benefits of military families.

National Women's Trauma Recovery Program
Phone: (650) 493-5000
Web: http://www.womenvetsptsd.va.gov/wtrp.asp
Treatment program to assist veteran women suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and/or military sexual trauma.

Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN)
2000 L Street NW
Suite 406
Washington DC, 20036
Hotline: (800) 656-HOPE
Phone: (202) 544-1034
Web: http://www.rainn.org
Email: info@RAINN.org
Provides information, help and resources throughout the country, and a helpline.

Service Women's Action Network
123 Williams Street, 16th Floor
NY NY, 10038
Phone: 646-602-5621
Web: http://www.servicewomen.org/
Email: info@servicewomen.org
Offers personal support and guidance to female service members and veterans from fellow women veterans and provides pro bono legal referrals from military law experts.

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office: The U.S. Department of Defense
Phone: (703) 696-9422
Web: http://www.sapr.mil/HomePage.aspx?Topic=Home
Email: SAPRO@wso.whs.mil

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