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UPDATED August 18, 2016

Volunteer Opportunities

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Thank you for your interest in helping WomensLaw.org.

Please select one of the following:

I am fluent in Spanish and would like to help translate the site.

We want to help as many Spanish-speaking survivors of domestic violence as possible. If you're fluent in both Spanish and English, you can help! Portions of our site are currently translated into Spanish, but large portions are still not translated.

Spanish translation volunteers can work from their own computers, in their own home on their own time.  You can volunteer to work on just one page, or on a continuing basis. If you're interested, please email WomensLaw[at]NNEDV.org

I am a law school student interested in an internship with WomensLaw.

If you are a law student in the DC-Metro area who wants to intern in our Washington, DC office in the Fall/Winter of 2016, please email your resume and statement of interest to WomensLaw[at]NNEDV.org or contact us for more information.  You can see the internship description here.

I have my own website and would like to help direct people to WomensLaw.org.

If you have your own website, please consider linking to www.WomensLaw.org along with a brief description of our website. If you'd like to place a logo on your website for WomensLaw.org, or if you need further information on the information and services we provide, please contact WomensLaw[at]NNEDV.org.

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