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Legal Statutes: Alaska

UPDATED September 14, 2017

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Article 1. Riot, Disorderly Conduct, and Related Offenses

back to topSec. 11.61.120. Harassment in the second degree

(a) A person commits the crime of harassment in the second degree if, with intent to harass or annoy another person, that person

(1) insults, taunts, or challenges another person in a manner likely to provoke an immediate violent response;

(2) telephones another and fails to terminate the connection with intent to impair the ability of that person to place or receive telephone calls;

(3) makes repeated telephone calls at extremely inconvenient hours;

(4) makes an anonymous or obscene telephone call, an obscene electronic communication, or a telephone call or electronic communication that threatens physical injury or sexual contact;

(5) subjects another person to offensive physical contact;

(6) except as provided in AS 11.61.116, publishes or distributes electronic or printed photographs, pictures, or films that show the genitals, anus, or female breast of the other person or show that person engaged in a sexual act; or

(7) repeatedly sends or publishes an electronic communication that insults, taunts, challenges, or intimidates a person under 18 years of age in a manner that places the person in reasonable fear of physical injury.

(b) Harassment in the second degree is a class B misdemeanor.

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