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Restraining Orders

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October 5, 2016

Who is eligible for an order of protection?

You can file an order for protection against a family or household member who has committed acts of domestic abuse against you or your minor child.  A family or household member includes:

  • your current or former spouse;
  • your current or former reciprocal beneficiary,* which is someone who you have significant personal, emotional, and economic relationships with, but are prohibited from legally marrying.**  (To see the requirements of becoming reciprocal beneficiaries, go to our HI Statutes page);
  • someone with whom you have a child in common;
  • your parent;
  • your child;
  • someone related to you by blood or marriage;
  • someone with whom you live/lived (Note: This does not include adults who lived together as roommates or who were cohabitants only for economic reasons or due to a contract (e.g., a lease)); and/or
  • someone who you are dating or used to date.*

* HRS § 586-1
** HRS § 572C-2